Monday, March 4, 2013

Game of Thrones MBTI types (Starks)

The Starks:

Eddard Stark - ISTJ - Dull, dutiful, loyal and honorable till death (literally). He is the stereotypical good soldier in the series. He is loyal to his king, faithful to his wife, and serves the realm. Even when he was unfaithful once and created a bastard child he brought him home to raise him and stands as a testament to his shame. Most unfortunately he is not good at seeing the bigger picture and gets his head chopped off.
 Catlyn Stark - ESFJ - Dutiful, loving (and boring) mother. Everything she does is for the honor of her house or her children.
 Robb Stark - There is not enough information. 
 Jon Snow - There is not enough information. 
Sansa Stark - ESFJ - She is naive and believes a prince will come and take her away. She is a younger, more inexperienced version of her mother.
 Arya Stark - ENFP - She breaks societal rules outright, does what seems right to her, and is hard-headed and does what is true to her. She is constantly exploring on her own and discovering things. She learns things quickly and is very witty.  The rest of the children are too young to be typed. 

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